's Court for trial. That she was special, because while she was in the drug trafficking, and funded with stolen money,hollister france, a rural children with cerebral palsy. Good and evil, together with a woman, her life is full of contradictions. The □ figures rebirth of mother love a the cerebral palsy girls born in rural, Wang Yun rediscover the feeling of a mother, her own daughter's feelings, all transferred to the same unfortunate little girl who. For this little girl, Wang Yun has repeatedly thought about drug treatment, find a job is a good life, but the mental addiction made her hard to resist, and ultimately she chose surgery with drug trafficking money to subsidize girl, and supply their own drug use. If she was alive this such a big 2009, in time to accompany her husband back to Xuanhan home, Wang Yun saw a 3-year-old with cerebral palsy girl, her parents are my husband's hometown, I saw that she felt particularly poor ", the king Cloud said, when she saw a girl lying on the bed, completely not own actions, and even turn should others for help. Suddenly, Wang Yun heart, love and affection, "I like to see his dead daughter, if she is still alive, but also the long to so big". Daughter born to wear a breathing machine that only survived three days old baby girl Wang Yun eternal pain. "Before the child is born, everything checks out normal, but do not know what child just born will be diagnosed with heart disease, cerebral palsy," Wang said, the children born to wear a breathing machine, and also into the incubator, but Even so, the children only survive in the world for three days, it will never leave her, and she is based cesarean production as well as their own physical factors can not be re-birth. The pain of losing her daughter, Wang Yun is fatal in the hospital a few days, she neither eat nor drink, Whenever I see other maternal production, it is like a knife into her heart,デュベティカ, that she'd rather die, or even generate a the idea of ​​suicide,moncler. The drug transport if successful surgery will give the little girl to the understanding of the little girl, Wang Yun would often go to visit her,www.chaussuredefootboutiquefrance.com, and every time I go will buy a lot of clothes and food, and bring some cash. Learned that the little girl through surgery condition may be improved,hollister, and can even stand up, and the family of the little girl but it is very difficult not be able to afford, the Wang Yun decided to sponsor a little girl, she was able to have a new life, but because Beijing is expensive have to rent, but also life but also for their own drug use at home and nothing deposits. Wang Yun had thought about re-work outside the home, but years of playing cards, drug life under her indolent personality,デュベティカ ダウン, already accustomed to, so Wang Yun decided to use drug trafficking to make money, "so the money fast Sancheng much profit Wang Yun said, we can solve their own drug use drug money, on the other hand can also be used for the treatment of the little girl. Wang Yun said, Until he was caught, she has funded more than 30,000 yuan of the little girl, the money mostly her sale of narcotics proceeds. This time, she was transporting more than 600 grams of drugs, the largest number ever, because they are inexpensive, she calculated, can earn about on more than 10 million, Wang said. "If this drug trafficking is successful, I am sure this money to give the little girl surgery. Transported by train 9 bags of ice, more than 10 o'clock yesterday,モンクレール ダウン, Wang Yun was the bailiff brought into the court, this was her second drug-related and loss of freedom. Prior to the January 4, 2011, Wang Yun drug trafficking, the Haidian court sentenced to imprisonment for six months. This time her because carrying large quantities of drugs to Beijing again apprehended by the police, the prosecution allegations that she was suspected of transporting drugs. The prosecution alleged, December 1, 2011, the Beijing Xicheng police then the masses of anonymous reports K118 train on a female drug traffickers to carry large amounts of methamphetamine in Beijing. The police arrived from the train to Shijiazhuang eyeing a female drug traffickers. Dec. 2, at 6 o'clock in the morning, just joined the wicket of West Station Wang Yun arrested by the police officers. The police on the spot from a total of 616.39 grams of methamphetamine seized nine bags carry satchel. Children with cerebral palsy fund a Wang Yun acknowledged the allegations of the prosecution, but she always looked down and do not deal with prosecutors and judges, to answer questions at a standstill several times, thinking about a long time before answering in a weak voice. Wang Yun said, recognize Chengdu Lao Tao when she was playing. November 29,UGG, 2011, the Lao Tao said the hands of 500 grams of ice the price is very appropriate to call her. The next day, Wang Yun will carry 13 million in cash by plane arrived in Chengdu, purchased nine bags of ice from the Old Tao abandons "at. The lawyers also have no objection to the charges, but come up with a copy issued by the People's Government of Sichuan the Xuanhan cypress town "evidence" to prove that Wang Yun had invested more than 30,000 yuan subsidy in her husband's home a cerebral palsy girls medical treatment, so her kind-hearted man, subjective malignant small. Report 34 drug-related personnel meritorious service to the first trial, the Public Prosecution Service issued a case handling instructions, said Wang Yun was arrested after reporting a 34 absorption, drug traffickers, and from the above-mentioned persons who seized more than 200 grams of drugs,モンクレール, The prosecution therefore recommended that the court can to consider Wang Yun exist meritorious circumstances, and lighter punishment for her. Order to identify these episodes, the Court again yesterday at the trial, and this part of Wang Yun again a specific inquiry, City Court yesterday, not in court for sentencing case. □ dialogue Female drug traffickers wage simply help not kid reporter: your side doing something this evil of drug trafficking, the other side of the funded children with cerebral palsy, a contradiction it Wang Yun: mainly because she suffered too much like my daughter died, I look at that poor children in particular must dignitaries holding that he can not sit, can not stand up, hands and feet are shrinking look, I'm thinking I daughter grows up, will she like this. But this little girl home with three children, the money has all the money goes, there is no money to feed her more money to surgery,ugg ブーツ. Reporter: see sick girls, knowing students compassion; not see you down with poison Friends of mercy Wang Yun: when drug use at the time, I did not expect such serious harm to the people around did not break the bank because of drugs, I was feeling the drugs big harm to the body, some of my memory, nor kidney too good. When I was smoking, that is, I feel very excited, upset, things will be forgotten, felt awkward after quite sober, do not suck on the total feeling drowsy, I actually physical dependence is not too strong, or mental addiction is relatively large. As for drug trafficking, or large bar because of the allure of money, profits can reach about 35%. Reporter: You lose their freedom because of drug trafficking, and you think it is worth it Wang Yun: Single Personally I say not worth it, but from the point of view of the little girl, and I also feel valuable. Because workers can not simply help this child, she needs at least two or three hundred thousand. Reporter: Do you report more than 30 people in order to reduce the penalty Wang Yun: I not only want to make their own out of the circle, and also want them from the drug. Reporter: Do you think you spotted is the same Wang Yun: I am and they do not like the disabled child do not say usually, I never will entice others to drugs. Edition have written our reporter Sun Siya
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